Staying sustainable

Less irrigation = Sustained soil fertility

Our permanent crops require water to ensure a qualitative fruit yield. Hence, the higher priority is to irrigate rather too much instead of too little. However, we often forget that watering our permanent crops too much does not only lead to higher costs but also to broken soils. It is our responsibility to water our permanent crops efficiently so the generations after us have similar conditions to perform agriculture – without compromising with fruit quality and quantity.

Smart Farming for your permanent crops

We help you manage your plantation more efficiently. With a better understanding of your permanent crops, resources can be used efficiently to increase yield. For example, our data will show you if and when your plantation needs irrigation or frost or infection protection measures to increase fruit yield in both quantity and quality.

Citrus & Oranges
Cherries & Berries

Currently, we are only using weather forecasts to plan the irrigation of our vineyards. However, The most critical period is when the grapes are already ripe, mostly around August when the droughts are extreme lately. Using sensors to improve the water balance to ultimately have more qualitative wine will be crucial since water is rare already.

Steffi Fröhlich

Why us

Let's plan the sensor coverage of your land

We will help you find the perfect coverage for the case you would like to make. By deploying LoRaWAN  correctly, we help you gather  data from the whole field from different sources. Let’s meet!


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