The IoT for trees is the basis to quantify the value of our ecosystem.

All trees should have a quantifiable value that is communicated to the citizens of planet Earth in a transparent way. With our solutions, including sensor-based technology and machine learning algorithms, we are taking small steps in this direction.

Urban Forestry

Currently the maintenance of urban trees is quite complicated. Tree owners like city administrations either have their own employees or award contracts to arborists and landscape gardeners to take care of tree irrigation. Our solutions help you be more efficient regarding the flow of information, not being transparent enough for every party and simply taking too much time. 


In the field of smart farming, solutions aim at either increasing the fruit yield or decreasing the use of resources. For permanent crops, however, we´ve discovered a gap. We want to enable farmers to save water by being able to reliably decide upon the necessary amount of water needed.


The idea of measuring the dryness of living tree wood came from a need to understand the risks of wildfires better.We believe that detecting forest fires is important but often too late. We developed sensor technology to contribute to forest fire prevention.


Treesense is a startup that grew out of science. Therefore, we understand the problems of collecting data in controlled and uncontrolled environments. Also, rather than just taking one-off measurements, let’s do continuous monitoring of trees to understand the impact of climate change on trees.