Monitoring the heart rate of trees

Within the tree, water plays a significant role in the process of photosynthesis as a carrier of nutrients. A constant water intake and water transport is constantly necessary. 

Treesense Pulse monitors the relative change in water content inside the xylem channels of trees.


Analyze tree vitality in real time with cloud-based technology


Finish the deployment in less than 10 minutes


The CE-certification and extensive quality tests ensure the safety of the device.

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Check Out The Wearable for Trees

We invented Treesense Pulse – the wearable for trees. Understand how your trees are developing by monitoring

  • the tree’s water balance
  • the vitality of the tree during the year
  • when the tree enters drought stress
  • how it reacts to low temperatures and when it enters the state of frost

minimally invasive procedure

Ensure the continuous functioning of bioprocesses.​

minimal maintenance

Keep the sensors in the tree without maintenance for up to 1 year​

CLOUD Based data handling

Evaluate your trees' current status of drought with real-time graphs.​

Real-time irrigation suggestions

Understand when and how to counteract in case of drought.​

How it works is so simple


Find the perfect spot to reach up to 2km of range for wireless data transfer.


Decide about the location and install the device within 5 minutes.


On the platform you can log-in and have an overview of your project's trees.

If you like tree-climbing, you will love the installation​

The installation of the sensor in the size of an ordinary smartphone is carried out in the tree canopy due to the potential for vandalism.  First, two screws, each 5mm long, are minimally invasively screwed into the branch or trunk of a representative tree using the screw applicator. The tree is therefore not damaged in its structure. The measuring device is attached to this screw applicator, which is additionally fastened with a rubber cable tie.

What people say?

With Treesense Pulse, we can evaluate different irrigation methods and understand which are the most efficient ones in the metropolis of Madrid that manages millions of trees.
Beatriz Garcia San Gabino
Forestry Engineer & Technical Advisor at the Madrid City Council for Parque Juan Carlos I.
The sensor technology offered by Treesense offers an innovative way of monitoring trees. The comparatively low costs give us the opportunity to create 3D models of forest trees and detect local differences in a tree's water supply.
Dr. Martin Leberecht
Tree inspector, Sachverständigenbüro für Baumbiologie

Understand the science behind the tree's heart rate

Download our white paper to understand how the data is interpreted .