Exploring the Internet of Things
for Trees

Discover the world of sensor monitoring for your trees, so you can constantly monitor your trees – without having to be on site.

Your Potential to Maintain Trees

Treesense Cloud helps you manage your planting projects. the potential of using our Iot-enabled tree management platform is enormous.


Data dashboards

See how different scenarios are shown in the data

The visualization of the raw data illustrates what is actually happening to the tree. Drying trees show falling leaves, which is illustrated with a rising curve. The curve drops steeply when the trees receive water. The goal of any tree care is to keep the circadian rhythm constant, which means that the trees have enough water to perform photosynthesis in a healthy state.

How about a Tree Management System, that...

…allows you to collect data that goes beyond classic tree registry visualizations. There are so many more ways to collect data about your trees than just on-site inspections and tree surveys. The Internet of Things is one of those ways. 

Treesense Cloud is tree management software for all stakeholders involved with trees, whether they are tree owners such as municipalities or housing associations, or tree managers like tree inspectors, arborists, landscapers or nursery managers. Treesense Cloud provides you with a tree management system that allows you to make quick and accurate decisions, as well as efficient and customized tree care.

How about a tree management system that covers both strategic tree management and operative tree maintenance – all in one place!

project management

Segregate between projects to manage your irrigation routes efficiently.

Real-time irrigation suggestions

The data sources are aggregated and provide you a vitality status of your representative trees – at all times.

Device Slider


Manage the irrigation teams based on the actual state of trees and document the performed tree care actions.

Tree registry import

Import your already existing tree registry to have your trees digitally in one space and allocate the sensors to representative trees.

Find your individual plan

We help you define the requirements for your solution

With Treesese Cloud we help you include the IoT in your tree management processes. Select a package as the base and only pay for the amount of sensors you include.