API Services

Everything starts with your current system

We support you in discovering and defining the requirements for the integration of data outputs coming from IoT-devices for trees. Based on the organizational status-quo and the use case, our experience in the field of IoT can help you with the right data at the right spots.

We take care of the installation and maintenance of the hardware so you can use maximize the benefits for your respective use case.

Requirements analysis

We want to understand your way of working  and help you find out how real-time data can be implemented in your software.

Conceptual design

We will work together closely with your development teams to define the technical requirements to create a flawless interaction for your customers.

joint Finalization

Our technical team support you in every step of the process to complete a software solution containing real-time sensor data ready to use.

Our API services

Real-time API

serving e.g. tree register portals or city's geo data platforms to get real-time indicators of tree vitality and potential maintenance activities

Tree management through IoT

Understand in real-time and from your office when a maintenance of trees is be necessary.

Predictive API

serving e.g. tree experts or landscape-gardeners to plan and use future irrigation resources efficiently and potentially take preventive measurements

Efficient predictive maintenance

Our algorithms use historic sensor and meteorological data to help you discover efficient routes of tree maintenance.

Data Science API

serving strategic city planners, municipalities and/or facility management to understand and communicate the implications of their tree's vitality indices.

High quality interpretation

Use sensor data to understand the impact of climate change on your urban trees and manage your city planning activities

Understand the science behind the tree's heart rate

Download our white paper to understand how the data is interpreted .


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