Our products are made to help you.

Treesense combines the disciplines of arboriculture, electrical engineering and advanced data science. Our products are a manifestation of this connection so you can get the most out of it.

Treesense Pulse

We are the innovators of Treesense Pulse. Why Pulse? Because the data collected is basically reminiscent of the human heart rate. Pulse uses a minimally invasive procedure to monitor the water balance in a tree’s xylem canals.

Treesense Cloud

A cloud-based data transfer enables you to keep track of your tree’s vitality status – in real-time. Treesense Cloud helps you plan your maintenance activities according to the specific needs of the tree.

IoT Consulting

Benefit from our experience with sensor-based applications for trees including network requirements. We help you with the implementation of your IoT project from ideation to project evaluation.

API Services

If you already have a tree management system in place, we offer custom web integration so you can take advantage of real-time data in your existing platform.