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Have you ever thought about how trees in nature communicate with each other and their environment – just like us humans through speech and gestures? Peter Wohlleben, a German forester, concluded that communication between trees is far more intense than first thought, pointing out that their root systems are closely linked by underground fungal networks. Through these networks, trees are able to send signals to each other about drought, disease, or even insect infestation, and to warn each other. 

What about the communication between trees and humans? 

Imagine you are walking through a park and the trees around you could actually talk. They would probably tell you something like:
 “I’m warm, I’m thirsty, don’t let me die!”


We are Treesense, a tech-startup that develops cloud-based sensor-technology to understand the world of trees better.

More specifically, we developed the wearable for trees – Treesense Pulse. Why Pulse? Because the data collected is basically reminiscent of the human heart rate. With our real-time monitoring technology we provide foresters and farmers, tree inspectors, landscape gardeners, arborists and scientists an innovative way to understand the water balance inside a trees.

Why this Blog?

As a young start-up , we want to raise the awareness of how we can use technology to understand what we need to do to maintain our eco-system. We believe that the tree plays a central role in maintaining the ecosystem. After all, trees contribute to the sustainable provision of clean air and water, soil fertility, climate, biotope and species conservation, and recreational service of the forest.

We want to keep you updated about Treesense as a start-up, but at the same time we want to inform you about how technology is used to maintain the trees of our forests, urban surroundings or in the agricultural field.

So thank you for checking our website and going through our content. Contact us to start a discussion about the use of technology in the world of trees. And maybe together we can learn how to communicate with trees.



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