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Making Trees Talk

By using technology, we aim at precisely understanding the world of plants and thus contribute to the ecological sustainability of the planet!

Our Philosophy

Climate change is omnipresent. The question is how we use our finite resources sustainably, i.e. in a way that they can recover on their own. We are driven by one question: How can technology help us to be both economically and environmentally sustainable? We aim at enabling the ecosystem to sustainably provide:

We believe the tree takes a central role in sustaining the ecosystem.
We develop solutions including impedance-based sensor technology and machine learning models that improve the understanding about our trees and contribute to a more conscious use of our planet´ s resources. To reach this goal, we apply a new way of thinking IoT – the Internet of Trees.

Treesense – IoT

The system we develop extends the original human–tree care interaction, creating a feedback loop that enables data-based decisions for the maintenance of trees.


With the gathered data, the farmer, the arborist or forester can optimize the maintenance of the tree in order to increase his or her yield.


The sap flow of the tree represents the heart rate of the human. It indicates the well-being of the tree and provides a large variety of insights.


Our sensor-technology makes periodic measurements of the sap flow and sends the data to the gateway. A minimally invasive procedure ensures that the sensor does not impact the health of the tree.


To ensure a wireless communication, the gateway connects the sensor with the Treesense Cloud, where the data analysis happens. One gateway can cover up to 70 hectares of land.

Data Analytics

Paired with meteorological data, our machine learning algorithms translate the gathered data into valuable metrics, such as irrigation needs for the coming weeks.





Smart Cities


Meet the team

Giancarlo Foderà Innovation Management
Semir Babajić Business Development
Julius Kübler Product Development
Moritz Spielvogel Data Science & Software Engineering
About Treesense

Treesense has emerged from the development of additional forest fire risk indices, namely the drought stress of a tree. Giancarlo ´ s goal was not only to measure the dryness of the soil or the environment, but also to determine the condition of the tree in a very concrete way. Our solution was inspired by medical technology – impedance-based sensorics.


The cooperation with the Heinz-Nixdorf Chair from Technical University of Munich came to life. The common goal: Research of impedance measurements on trees.

Treesense now aims at providing a real-time monitoring system of a living tree ´ s water content!


With Julius as a new team member, the team expanded.

The sensor technology for the measurements is tested on trees for the first time. First results show a pattern that describes the correlation between the measured impedance and the water content of a tree.


With the EXIST scholarship, Treesense is now developing into a start-up project. The team was completed by Semir and Moritz to develop a product that enables efficient maintenance such as irrigation of trees.

The certification process for the sensor technology was initiated to bring the sensor technology to the market.