Making Trees Talk

By using technology, we aim at precisely understanding the world of plants and thus contribute to the ecological sustainability of the planet!

Let's assume...

…trees could talk. They would probably ask us why we don’t embrace them and their power to fight climate change. The trees of planet Earth are suffering. Not least due to climate change and rising temperatures, dry periods are becoming more frequent, which ultimately lead to forest fires or forest dieback, reduced harvests and also drought stress for urban trees.

The trees on our planet are a tremendously valuable resource that playing an important role in climate change adaptation. Yet we lack monitoring capabilities in the form of data and tools to manage this resource, and the technological potential for ecosystem conservation has yet to be fully utilized.

Let’s assume, we could use technology that helps us giving trees a voice. How can technology help us be both economically and ecologically sustainable?

deaths could be prevented in EU every year with more green space
1 %
of people in European cities live with insufficient green space
1 %
Of trees are unhealthy and require additional management
1 %
of cities are reporting increased demands for more naturalized spaces and projects

About Treesense

Treesense GmbH is a startup founded in 2021 with the goal of establishing monitoring technology on living trees. By understanding the individual tree’s vitality, we support cities & communities, tree experts, arborists & landscape gardeners, foresters & farmers in enhancing the eco-benefits of trees. 

As spin-off of the Heinz Nixdorf Chair at the Technical University of Munich, the team developed the wearable of trees – Treesense Pulse. By specifically monitoring the tree’s water balance, we enable you to adjust care needs to increase the trees’ benefit to the ecosystem.

We help you deploy and maintain IoT infrastructure in the form of LoRaWAN coverage and sensor technology, and provide you with the appropriate data analytics.

Meet the wearable for trees:
Treesense Pulse

At Treesense, we have invented and developed an innovative method for monitoring the water balance of trees. Using a minimally invasive method, the device continuously takes measurements in the xylem layer of trees without damaging the tree. The data collected provides information about the drought status of trees, so you know when to take care measures such as watering trees.

Maximize the benefits of tree technology.

We can help you implement predictive maintenance for your trees. Our team will define the specific requirements for your use case and implement a predefined plan with the highest standards. Our broad knowledge of hardware and software for tree management helps you to adapt the wide range of available technologies to your needs.

Do you want to initiate a project based on the Internet of Things? Whether it’s sensors for trees or other applications, if you need cloud-based technology, we have the expertise to help you understand and set up an IoT infrastructure. We can help you understand how LoRaWAN can be deployed and used in your area of expertise to maximize the benefits of sensor technology.

We provide you with insights into tree-specific issues. A monitoring solution for one season can show you how different tree species react to droughts, (re)planting or other events. Understand how to make urban forests sustainable.

If you want an all-in-one solution, we are the ones who can provide it. Treesense takes care of provisioning and maintaining the hardware infrastructure with professional tree climbers, so you can easily access the data without having to worry about inventory, functionality or maintenance.

Manage your projects with our in-house developed software solution to see the data of the equipment used for each tree in real time. Log in with your account and let your customers see the value of your work.

With our API services, we help you integrate data to provide value to your application users by reviewing current, historical, and predictive information about tree vitality.

Awarded By The Federal Ministry For Economics And Climate Action​

Treesense GmbH is the first startup that was awarded with both of the prestigious awards of the Federal Ministry For Economics and Climate Action. We are proud to be one of the top young companies representing the German efforts in Digital Sustainability!

Treesense supports the SDGs by United Nations

From the very beginning, we commit ourselves to work towards the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. Of particular importance for our entrepreneurial activities is the support of zero hunger and clean water and sanitation by establishing our solutions in agriculture, good health and well-being, sustainable cities and communities, climate action and life on land by applying our solutions in the smart city context and in forestry. In addition, we are involved in social projects by passing on parts of the turnover to our global partners. 

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